The Hello Cup FIT Menstrual Cup
The Hello Cup FIT Menstrual Cup The Hello Cup FIT Menstrual Cup The Hello Cup FIT Menstrual Cup



You may have heard the term ‘menstrual cup’. That’s what the Hello Cup is. One of those. Essentially you put it up your vjayjay instead of a tampon. The best bit is, they’re even better than tampons – well, we think so anyway.
Not only will your Hello Cup last for years and save you heaps of moolah, it’s also good for the environment, holds more than tampons and is unbelievably comfortable (as in you can’t even feel it).

The Hello Cup is proudly made and designed in New Zealand using top notch German medical grade thermoplastic elastomer, a type of plastic commonly referred to as TPE. We chose TPE for Hello Cups because it is fully recyclable at the end of its life, it is comfortable and soft to the touch and it is hypoallergenic – making it perfect for women who have silicone sensitivities. If you look after your Hello Cup it will last you 5 years. Pretty amazing, eh?

We feel strongly that, when it comes to your vjayjay, you only want to put trustworthy stuff up there (sound advice from our grandmothers). Not all cups are equal. The Hello Cup is in a league of its own.


The Hello Cup comes in two sizes – S/M and M/L, and two varieties - Classic and FIT. You can find Classic cups here. The only difference between Classic and FIT cups is the firmness. FIT cups are slightly firmer than Classic cups and are designed specifically for highly active women who have strong pelvic floor/vaginal walls, or women who have had trouble getting softer cups to open fully.


A lot of women find that they can comfortably wear either size. Generally though, we recommend the S/M for teenagers or young women, or those who usually experience a lighter flow. Sometimes very fit women find the smaller size is the better option for them. The M/L is our most popular size. If you have given birth, are over 30 years old, or usually have a medium to heavy flow – then this is probably the one for you.

Sometimes it’s a case of trial and error. For example, if your S/M Hello Cup is opening but you get leakage, you might need to go up a size. On the other hand if you find your M/L won’t open fully – you might need to go down a size. To help take the guess work out of things,  we’ve got an option to purchase a Hello Cup classic or FIT box with both sizes in it for $69. Many women find they can wear both sizes so opt for the smaller sized Hello Cup on light days and the larger one on heavy days.

The diameter of the S/M is 41mm and the overall length, including the toggle is 59mm. It holds 21mls (to the holes).

The diameter of the M/L is 45mm and the overall length, including the toggle is 64mm. It holds 28ml (to the holes).


Yes, the first time you see a menstrual cup you could be forgiven for thinking “Yikes, that looks big. How on earth do I get that up my vjayjay?” But as we all know, looks can be deceiving. The Hello Cup is made from soft, pliable medical grade plastic. You simply fold it and pop it in; once inserted, your Hello Cup will pop open and form a seal. There are a couple of different methods you can use to insert menstrual cups - we've included detailed and illustrated instructions with every Hello Cup to make things easier.