Koko Hot Oil Hair Mask Vanilla

Koko hot oil hair masks are made with virgin organic coconut oil and a super gentle conditioning and detangling agent derived from rapeseed oil. Restore moisture and gloss to dry and damaged hair and treat the senses with aromatic natural vanilla and coconut.

Why use hot oil hair treatments?

Heat helps to open the hair cuticle (the outer-most layer), enabling the oil to much more easily penetrate and deliver deep-down moisture to where it is needed most. Using a hot oil hair treatment once every week or two can not only restore moisture and shine, but can also help to strengthen hair which can prevent hair breakage, flyaways and split ends.

One Koko hair mask pack equals one to two treatments, depending on hair length and thickness. Also available in a three pack.

45g. Vegan and cruelty-free. Made in New Zealand.