Lemony Snicket Facial Bar

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Lemony Snicket Facial Bar
Lemony Snicket Facial Bar

This is a great facial bar for oily skin. Lemon is a natural solvent, dissolving acne-causing bacteria from your skin. The poppy seeds offer a gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and leaving you with a fresh polished feel. A high percentage of avocado oil ensures this bar is extra gentle and will not dry out your skin.

Each extra-large 150g Fair + Square soap contains top quality moisturising oils, fragrant essential oils, clays and other natural colourants. No nasty chemicals, no extracted glycerine, no corners cut. The soaps are large enough to be cut into two perfect hand-size bars. They are all handmade with pride and love in small batches, handcut and cured for six weeks to ensure a nice, hard, long lasting bar with a rich lather.

Coconut oil is a favourite of most soap makers as it creates a nice hard bar with a big fluffy lather and plenty of glycerine. 

Olive oil is super moisturising, olive oil will readily absorb into the skin. It has high humectant properties which attracts moisture into the skin to hydrate.

Shea Butter creates a luxurious thick creamy lather. Shea butter has large amounts of unsaponifiable compounds, which is a fancy way of saying it doesn't get caught up in the chemical reaction and so is free instead to get caught up loving your skin.

Avocado oil is known for its rejuvenating effect on all types of skin.  It is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, potassium, and proteins and is a key player in turning a good bar of soap into a great bar of soap.

Ricebran oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants it contributes to make a mild, creamy and moisturising bar of soap.

Castor oil acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin.  In the right quantities it produces a thick creamy lather with large bubbles.

Cocoa Butter produces a hard bar with a stable lather, and is very conditioning. 

150g. Vegan-friendly. Made in New Zealand.


Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, Ricebran, Castor, Avocado, Shea butter & Cocoa butter; Northland rain water, Turmeric, Poppy seeds, therapeutic grade essential oils of Lemon & May Chang.

Lemony Snicket Facial Bar
Lemony Snicket Facial Bar

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