Fair & Square Grease Monkey Soap

Grease Monkey - black clay, pumice, shea, sweet orange, cinnamon & nutmeg

Loaded with ground pumice, this high-powered scrub is perfect for the dirtiest of hands. Grease Monkey will cut through grease and dirt, while the black clay will absorb impurities and leave hands soft and moisturised.

The combination of cinnamon and sweet orange essential oils gives this soap a sweet, spicy aroma, great for men and women both.

Each extra-large 170g Fair & Square soap contains top quality moisturising oils, fragrant essential oils, clays and other natural colourants. No nasty chemicals, no extracted glycerine, no corners cut. The soaps are large enough to be cut into two perfect hand-size bars. They are all handmade with pride and love in small batches, handcut and cured for six weeks to ensure a nice, hard, long lasting bar with a rich lather.

COCONUT OIL: is a favourite of most soap makers as it creates a nice hard bar with a big fluffy lather and plenty of glycerine. 

OLIVE OIL: Super moisturising, olive oil will readily absorb into the skin. It has high humectant properties which attracts moisture into the skin to hydrate.

SHEA BUTTER: I choose to add a generous amount of shea butter for a luxurious thick creamy lather.  Shea butter has large amounts of unsaponifiable compounds, which is a fancy way of saying it doesn't get caught up in the chemical reaction and so is free instead to get caught up loving your skin.

CASTOR OIL: acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin.  In the right quantities it produces a thick creamy lather with large bubbles.

COCOA BUTTER: produces a hard bar with a stable lather, and is very conditioning. 

RICEBRAN OIL: rich in vitamin E and antioxidants it contributes to make a mild, creamy and moisturising bar of soap.

170g. Vegan-friendly. Made in New Zealand.

Handmade soap needs a little more care than its chemical-laden counterparts. As it is full of all the natural oils, it needs to be well drained when using. The less of the soap touching a flat, wet surface – the better, so choose a good soap dish. 
When you are storing your soap (before using), put somewhere dry. Don’t store in a damp bathroom. Many of my customers enjoy storing their soap in their clothes draws, using them to infuse their lovely scents into their clothes. Or cut a slice off and hang in a muslin bag in your car, the scent will last for ages and you will always have an emergency bar of soap if needed on the road!

Coconut oil, Olive oil, Ricebran oil, Castor oil, Sunflower oil, She Butter, Cocoa Butter, Rain water, Sodium Hydroxide, Pumice powder, Black clay, essential oils of: Cinnamon & Sweet Orange.