Whitening Charcoal Dental Powder Whitening Charcoal Dental Powder Whitening Charcoal Dental Powder Whitening Charcoal Dental Powder

White teeth are not looking for attention; they just have a way of turning heads. And that's exactly what you'll be doing when you finish with a course of this natural and powerful teeth-whitening solution.

This specially formulated tooth whitening and remineralising powder supports the maintenance of excellent oral hygiene. Activated Coconut charcoal helps to draw out toxins whilst bentonite clay remineralises and sodium bicarbonate helps balance pH.

These all work together with powdered cloves and cinnamon to help reduce bad breathe, plaque and yellowing teeth caused by food, coffee, tea, wine and smoking.

Plaque is mostly bacteria which thrives in a low pH environment. Additionally, your saliva has a buffering effect to change the pH to more alkaline but if the environment is too acidic the bacteria reproduce faster and there by-product of acid begins to demineralise the tooth enamel. Gross.

Neutralising pH in the mouth causes the bacteria to slow down their reproduction and therefore less plaque is produced. tooth powder helps neutralize pH levels so bacteria do not reproduce as fast, helping to reduce and prevent plaque, gum disease and tooth decay.

Only the good stuff - only four common natural but effective ingredients:

Sodium bicarbonate: alkaline & mineral rich to balance mouth pH and inhibit bacteria. It acts as a mild abrasive tooth polish that helps mechanically remove stains while also helping to freshen breath.

Bentonite clay: a mineral rich healing clay which gently cleanses while supporting tooth remineralization. It’s detoxifiying properties help freshen breath and fight gum disease, while it also has absorptive properties to help remove stains from teeth.

Activated coconut charcoal: made from coconut husks, our charcoal is carbonised, air dried, water washed then ground ultra fine with no added chemicals, acids or dyes. It's ultra absorptive properties help to remove stains & whiten teeth.

Cinnamon powder & clove powder: both naturally antibacterial and a delicious way to scrub your teeth.

Approximately 14 brushes (2 week course) per packet.

18ml. Vegan-friendly. 100% natural. Made in Australia.


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