The Green Balm


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The Green Balm
The Green Balm


MOA's original and award-winning The Green Balm is a 100% natural, organic, multi-purpose healing beauty balm - and some might say, a bit of a miracle!

This cult product is crammed with MOA’s hero herb yarrow, used for centuries to heal and repair. Perfect for soothing eczema, nappy rash and dry, irritated skin. Keep a pot handy for any little crisis.

It's not exactly the best kept secret that The Green Balm also makes a superb cleansing balm with antibacterial tea tree and yarrow, and moisturising coconut and soy bean oil to dissolve make up and leave skin super soft.

The whole family can use The Green Balm even on super sensitive skin. A vital part of any first-aid kit, it's ideal for taking on holiday or camping especially when space is precious.

Magic ingredients:
Yarrow Its antiseptic action purifies whilst reducing inflammation, calming sensitive skin and breakouts. It has a unique dual ability to staunch a wound whilst promoting circulation to the area.

According to Greek mythology the infamous warrior Achilles used the healing powers of yarrow to heal the wounds of his injured soldiers, which is where it gets its Latin name Achillea.

Tea Tree This powerful plant has been revered among Native Australians for centuries. Its antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties are second to none. Tea tree oil zaps bacteria and enables the skin to repair.

15ml mini or 50ml full-size. Contains beeswax. Made in the UK.
The Green Balm
The Green Balm

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