Black Robin Tingly Bits Mint Body Scrub

Black Robin

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Buff your butt (and other bits) with this exfoliating and skin-smoothing sugar scrub. Moisturising coconut, jojoba and apricot kernel oils are whipped together with cocoa butter and combined with peppermint oil and menthol. This deliciously minty scrub has hints of caramel and molasses from Paraguayan fairtrade organic cane sugar and is great for sloughing away dry and ashy skin and for targeting any lumpy bumpy areas. Tingly Bits works great as a hand scrub also: after chopping onion and garlic, working in the garden or otherwise getting your hands dirty.

Tingly Bits will leave your skin feeling cool, soft and refreshingly tingly.
Made with fairtrade, organic raw cane sugar suitable for body exfoliation - we don't recommend using Tingly Bits on the face.

240g. Vegan-friendly. Made in New Zealand.

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