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Welcome to Black Robin, your home of local and not so local beauty brands dedicated to bringing you quality, cruelty free and skin-friendly products to suit all budgets. Although New Zealand banned animal testing of beauty products in 2015, the ban doesn't cover imported products; unfortunately, the majority of beauty products on supermarket or pharmacy shelves in New Zealand are imported, and behind brands that claim to be cruelty free can often lurk larger 'parent' companies that aren't. Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly what's in your beauty products and if your money is going towards companies that commission or conduct animal tests. You can rest assured that no products (or product ingredients) stocked by Black Robin are tested on animals, and no brands stocked are owned by parent companies that do test. There are no dirty secrets here!

Many brands we stock are small companies based in New Zealand, alongside some friends from across the ditch and further afield. Our brands have a passion for developing natural skincare and makeup products that are suitable for sensitive skin, and utilise beneficial ingredients straight from nature. The vast majority of our products are also vegan, meaning they contain no animal-derived ingredients. A very small amount of select products do contain either honey or beeswax.

Black Robin isn't just about skincare and makeup! We're also fans of environmentally-friendly and reusable products and are always on the lookout for brands that provide innovative, eco-friendly solutions to products that would normally wind up in landfill. Check out our Accessories section for biodegradable and compostable bamboo products and reusable and recyclable coffee cups. We even stock delicious New Zealand made Trade Aid chocolate that comes packaged in a compostable wrapper! There's something for everyone.

 So shop local, shop cruelty free, support small business and shop with a clear conscience!

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